About Us

Vatel Group the Nigeria No.1 investment, technology, education, and real-estate company.

The Company, which was established in 2010, is also one of the first to reckon with government consultants in Oyo State. This is a result of its track records of achievements over the years.

Vatel Homes and Properties has secured landed properties, renovated several buildings and completed houses of various types on behalf of its numerous clients in Oyo State and several other states within the South West region of the country.

Under the Vatel Educational Services, the Company has secured international admission for above 300 students to either pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

Without gainsaying, Vatel Group of Companies is a conglomerate that is not joking with the Community Social Responsibility (CSR). In order to contribute its quota to development of its hosting community, has contributed to the improved security of its immediate community by providing street lights where needed. This is apart from ensuring an improved welfare package for its strength of staff, providing a good and serene environment and regular encouragement to improve working conditions and effective service delivery.

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